About Me

About Me

Olivera Jankovska holds an associate degree in marketing for the food industry (valedictorian) from Perrotis College in Thessaloniki, Greece. She received a bachelor of science degree in agricultural business (summa cum laude) from the University of Arkansas, and a graduate certificate in international research & development and a master of science degree in agricultural and applied economics (summa cum laude) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. At Virginia Tech she was awarded the 2017 Outstanding Recent Graduate Alumni for the College.

Olivera graduated from University of Arkansas in 2009 and has gone on to use her skills in management and development for service on a global scale. Olivera is a servant leader at her core, not afraid to take charge, but always with grace and the goal and purpose of serving others and making the world a better place. As a University of Arkansas student, Olivera served her department and the International Students and Scholars Office as a Cross Cultural mentor. In this role, she welcomed new international students to the University of Arkansas community and continued meaningful interactions with students and the community throughout the academic year. She was also heavily involved in giving back to the Fayetteville community, finding ways to advance international programs and teach the broader community about Macedonia, her home country. She was recognized with the Wall Street Journal Academic Achievement Award and the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award from the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences in 2009 for her educational excellence.

Since graduating from the college, Olivera has continued to embrace making a difference in the world, choosing to serve the world’s largest humanitarian organization for children, UNICEF, in an official role. As a UNICEF Global Citizenship Fellow, a highly sought position that uses community engagement to create transformational change in the lives of children around the world, Olivera lives out service daily. In this role, Olivera works with faith-based organizations, academic communities, independent volunteers, political appointees, and other advocates, providing education and resources on topics including public health, immunizations, and child-equality. She encourages local communities to take action for children, igniting worldwide efforts for child empowerment. Not only has Olivera dedicated herself to this cause by becoming a Global Citizenship Fellow, but she goes above and beyond her duties as Fellow to further child education and empowerment in her community and worldwide. She received the 2017 President’s Volunteer Service Award, a national award that recognizes outstanding volunteer service, for her volunteer contributions that exceed contractual commitments and expectations.

Olivera holds another professional position in addition to her role with UNICEF. She is a nonresident fellow at Rice University, where she contributes analysis on electricity and gas markets. As an economist in her prior career, she was a manager at Essentia Advisory Partners (2016-2017), where she conducted research and served as a consultant on questions regarding energy policy, environmental regulations, and international trade and development. She was also a Senior Market Analyst at Calpine Corporation for 5 years (2011-2016) In these roles, Olivera serves the Economics community by increasing the field of knowledge on international energy markets.

Olivera is a global citizen, proficient in seven languages and an avid traveler. She has more than ten years of nonprofit experience and has held multiple leadership roles. Her volunteering work extends to several cultural, educational and business organizations. She was recently recognized as being one of the United Macedonian’s Diaspora “40 under 40.”

A recipient of the 2017 United States of America President’s Volunteer Service Award and one of the ‘Top 30 Influential Women of Houston’, Olivera Jankovska is a champion community activist. Ms. Jankovska is an organizer leading change through serving as a leader or active member of many local and global international organizations. She is a board member of Sister Cities Houston and the United Nations Association – Houston chapter. She is the Texas State Representative of the United Macedonian Diaspora. She is also an active member of the French-American Chamber of Commerce, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (Houston), Dining for Women, a rotarian at the Rotary Club of Houston International and a singer (soprano 2) at International Voices of Houston.

A global citizen, a double recipient of the ‘Outstanding Young Alumna Award’ for 2018 at University of Arkansas and at Virginia Tech, a published economist and a winner of the 2009 Wall Street Journal Academic Achievement Award, just to mention a few, Jankovska is not short of recognition for her extraordinary contributions to the non-profit, academia and private sector. Ms. Jankovska is native of Kriva Palanka, Macedonia.

World Electron. These two words describe who I am.

World is for global citizen, for my heritage and where I have left a trace in the world, and for my sense of belonging.

Electron is because like all matter, electrons have properties of both particles and waves: they can collide with other particles and can be diffracted like light. That how I see myself, being a particle that collide easily and adapt to new environments and people. I’m also like I wave, I swerve with the force, but always make my own path. I diffract the obstacles in life like light bends as it passes around an edge of an object and the bigger the obstacle, the better I deal with it.

The electron interpretation goes even further. Electrons play essential physical roles in nature, such as magnetism, thermal conductivity, gravitational interactions and many more. Analogically, I believe my nature to promote ‘unity’ in the world can happen if we all behave as magnets and be open minded, we offer thermal conductivity by promoting friendships and remember to respect ‘gravity’ as you fly up with your achievements, remain humble and stay down to earth.

Finally, an electron is what my profession is. As a specialist in international electricity markets I utilize my economic and market skills to promote efficient and effective flow of electrons around the world.