My Country – Macedonia

My Country – Macedonia


Macedonia (written locally as Македонија, pronounced “Mack-edonia”), officially the Republic of Macedonia, is a country in the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in 1991.

“Macedonia … is one of Europe’s best surprises.” – Los Angeles Times


Macedonia has a total area of 25,713 km2 (9,928 sq mi). Macedonia is a landlocked country but it has three large and biologically significant lakes — Lake Ohrid, Lake Prespa and Dojran Lake. Lake Ohrid is considered to be one of the oldest lakes and biotopes in the world. The importance of the lake was further emphasized when the world recognized its uniqueness!

Ohrid Lake was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 and when, in 2010, NASA decided to name one of Titan’s lakes after Lake Ohrid.

Tourism in Macedonia

Macedonia was one of the places that were quoted to be one of the ‘top 10 least discovered hidden gems in the world’ and we are here today to unveil this secret and share it to our fellow Americans. The country’s abundance of natural and cultural attractions make it an attractive destination of visitors. It receives about 700,000 tourists annually. Read more about tourism in Macedonia here.

Macedonia is the first on the list of the cheapest, safest, and friendliest countries, and is simply called “hidden pearl of the Balkans”. – World Economic Forum

In a report released by the World Economic Forum 140 countries were ranked in order of their hospitality towards international travelers. Using data compiled from an annual World Economic Forum survey, a numerical value was assigned to each country, with Macedonia claiming the title of 4th most welcoming country in the world! – BBC Travel

Nature in Macedonia

Wildly mountainous with spectacular rivers, peaks and national parks, it is also rich with the cultural mementos of a long, turbulent history of invasions and occupations by Persians, Romans and Ottoman Turks.

Located deep in the Balkans, Jasen nature reserve is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe’s national park scene.  – BBC Travel