Untamed Children Innovators

Untamed children innovators is NOT for you if you parent/take care of children by:

  • using discipline, boundaries, limitations, time-outs
  • believing that there is the ‘right’ time for the ‘right’ things (e.g. play, sleep, eat, learn)
  • thinking that adults know what’s the best for a child

If you answered yes to any of the above, please scroll away. 

What I am about to present is going to challenge the status quo of modern AND to traditional parenting, child care and education. In fact, I am going to change the definition of the word ‘parenting/caregiving’, from an act of caring for your/a child to an act of enabling your/a child’s life.

I disagree that parents/caregivers should navigate a child’s life and teach them what they ‘need’ to know as well as that parents know what, when and how to provide education, entertainment, and protection for their children. I am tired of being seen as the ‘pin in the eye’ in the park when I offer my son to climb a tall tree. I however dream to – yes be a pin in your eye, but one that will wake up the child in you and make you sad about all the things you were told ‘NO’ by those who took care of you. I dream of a day when you will not need to say ‘NO’ to your/a child as I believe that the child will learn on their own what to do and not do.

Untamed Children Innovators (1)

Untamed children innovators is a community of parents, caregivers and educators and really anyone who seeks to be part of a child’s life without taming their creativity and wilderness and rather empowers them to seek freedom to explore, make mistakes, fall and learn about what they have a desire for. And yes, do all of these at the moment the child chooses to do so.

The use of the word ‘milestones’ is only allowed to be uttered when a child claps with happiness after they have tasted the sand or smashed into that puddle. Because Untamed Children Innovators uses practical examples that aim to break the myth that tasting a bit of sand will make the child sick, rather it will make the child learn on their own that sand is yucky and better used for play only; to stop the stereotypical frightened scary scream of a parent/caregiver who thinks the walk is now over because the child is wet and stepped into a dirty water, rather to see it as a sensory walk in what appears to you as a dirty puddle, it is in fact a tiny world of mother nature your child saw fell from the sky on earth and makes lovely swoosh and splash sounds.

Untamed children innovators is wisdom to raise a ‘rebel’ generation who will challenge injustice and will take action in a meaningful way, explore the hidden, challenge the ‘rules’ that someone in power made but are unfair to some. Most of all, this community is to inspire children to be innovators and think outside of the box because you as a parent, caregiver, educator etc. will enable them by opening that box flat open and empower them to believe that only the sky is the limit.


Untamed Children Innovators Mission:

Raising empowered kids who challenge the status quo and explore to innovate for a world overflowing with happiness, fulfilment, and peace.